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Dynamic Profiles for PPP Subscriber Interfaces Overview

Subscriber management PPP support enables you to create and attach dynamic profiles for PPP subscriber interfaces. When the PPP subscriber logs in, the router instantiates the specified dynamic profile and then applies the attributes defined in the profile to the interface.

Dynamic profiles are used for both static and dynamic PPP interfaces. For static PPP interfaces, you use the CLI to attach dynamic profiles, which specify PPP options. For dynamic PPP interfaces. the dynamic profile creates the interface, including the PPP options.

Note: Dynamically created interfaces are supported only on PPPoE interfaces.

Unlike traditional PPP support, subscriber management does not allow bi-directional PPP authentication—authentication is performed only by the router, never by the remote peer. The router’s AAA process manages authentication and address assignment for subscriber management. When you configure PPP options for a dynamic profile, you can configure either CHAP or PAP authentication, but you do not configure any additional options under either the CHAP or PAP stanza. Also, other PPP options, which are either commonly used or mandatory for a traditional PPP interface configuration, are not supported in subscriber management dynamic profiles.

Published: 2010-04-15

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