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Configuring MAC Move Limiting (J-Web Procedure)

MAC move limiting detects MAC address movement and MAC address spoofing on access ports. MAC address movements are tracked, and if a MAC address moves more than the configured number of times within one second, the configured (or default) action is performed. You enable this feature on VLANs.

Note: Although you enable this feature on VLANs, the MAC move limitation pertains to the number of movements for each individual MAC address rather than the total number of MAC address moves in the VLAN. For example, If the MAC move limit is set to 1, the switch allows an unlimited number of MAC address movements within the VLAN as long as the same MAC address does not move more than once.

In the default configuration, the MAC move limit within each VLAN is unlimited; the default action that the switch will take if the specified MAC move limit is exceeded is drop.

    To enable MAC move limiting for MAC addresses within one or more VLANs by using the J-Web interface:

    1. Select Configure>Security>Port Security.
    2. Select one or more VLANs from the VLAN List.
    3. Click the Edit button. If a message appears asking whether you want to enable port security, click Yes.
    4. To set a MAC move limit:
      1. Type a limit value in the MAC Movement box.
      2. Select an action from the MAC Movement Action box (optional). The switch takes this action when an individual MAC address exceeds the MAC move limit. If you do not select an action, the switch applies the default action, drop.

        Select one:

      3. Click OK.
    5. Click OK after the configuration has been successfully delivered.

    Note: You can enable or disable port security on the switch at any time by clicking the Activate or Deactivate button on the Port Security Configuration page. If security status is shown as Disabled when you try to edit settings for any VLANs, a message asking whether you want to enable port security appears.

    Published: 2009-10-08

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