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Excluding an OSPF Interface as a Backup for a Protected Interface

By default, all OSPF interfaces that belong to the default instance or to a specific routing instance are eligible as backup interface for interfaces configured with link-protection or node-link protection. You can specify that any OSPF interface be excluded from functioning as a backup interface to protected interfaces.

To exclude an OSPF interface as a backup interface for a protected interface:

  • Include the no-eligible-backup statement at the [edit protocols (ospf | ospf3) area area-id interface interface-name] hierarchy level.

In the following example, interface so-0/0/0.0 has been configured to prohibit backup traffic for traffic destined for a protected interface. This means that if a neighboring next-hop path or node for a protected interface fails, interface so-0/0/0.0 cannot be used to transmit traffic to a backup path.

[edit]protocols {ospf {area {interface so-0/0/0.0 {no-eligible-backup;}}}}

Published: 2010-04-14

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