Technical Documentation

Configure Encapsulation to Cisco-HDLC


To set the encapsulation on a T3 physical interface, follow these steps:

  1. In configuration mode, go to the following hierarchy level:
    [edit]user@host# edit interfaces t3-fpc/pic/port:channel
  2. Configure Cisco-HDLC:
    [edit interfaces t3-fpc/pic /port:channel ]user@host# set encapsulation cisco-hdlc
  3. Verify the configuration:
    user@host# show

    For example:

    [edit interfaces t3-0/1/1:8]user@host# show encapsulation hdlc;
  4. Commit the change:
    user@host# commit

    For example:

    [edit interfaces t3-0/1/1:8]user@host# commit commit complete


This command sets the interface encapsulation to the Cisco High-level Data-Link Control (HDLC) transport protocol.

Published: 2010-01-29