Technical Documentation

Configuring Mobile IP

You can configure Mobile IP to provide mobility for subscribers in IP networks. The Mobile IP home agent authenticates registration requests from mobile users and forward traffic to them at their care-of address without having to advertise that address to the wider network.

To configure Mobile IP for mobile subscriber access:

  1. Configure the authentication method for registration requests, local or AAA.

    See Configuring the Mobile IP Authentication Method.

  2. Configure the Mobile IP home agent.

    See Configuring the Mobile IP Home Agent.

  3. Configure the authentication attributes for the mobile node.

    See Configuring the Local Authentication Attributes for the Mobile Node.

  4. Configure accounting for Mobile IP subscribers.

    See Configuring Accounting for Mobile IP Subscribers

  5. Configure the dynamic reassignment of the mobile node to another home agent.

    See Configuring Dynamic Home Assignment for the Mobile Node.

  6. Configure the access type for Mobile IP.

    See Configuring the Access Type for Mobile IP.

  7. Configure trace options for troubleshooting the configuration.

    See Tracing Mobile IP Operations.

Published: 2010-04-15