Technical Documentation

Configuring Logical System Administrators (Master Administrator)

The master administrator can assign one or more logical system administrators to each logical system. Logical system administrators are confined to the context of the logical system to which they are assigned. This means that any global configuration statements are restricted from them. This also means that command output is restricted to the context to which the logical system administrators are assigned.

To configure logical system administrators, include the logical-system logical-system-name statement at the [edit system login class class-name] hierarchy level:

[edit]system {login {class admin1 {permissions all;logical-system ls1;}class admin2 {permissions view; # Gives users assigned to class admin2 the ability to view logical-system ls2; # but not to change the configuration.}user user1 {class admin1;}user user2 {class admin2;}}}

Published: 2010-04-15