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Using JUNOS Software to Configure Logical System Administrators

Using the JUNOS Software, you can partition a single router into multiple logical devices that perform independent routing tasks. When creating logical systems, you must configure logical system administrators and interfaces, assign logical interfaces to logical systems, and configure various other logical system statements.

The master administrator can assign one or more logical system administrators to each logical system. Once assigned to a logical system, administrators are restricted to viewing only configurations of the logical system to which they are assigned and accessing only the operational commands that apply to that particular logical system. This restriction means that these administrators cannot access global configuration statements, and all command output is restricted to the logical system to which the administrators are assigned.

To configure logical system administrators, include the logical-system logical-system-name statement at the [edit system login class class-name] hierarchy level and apply the class to the user. For example:

[edit]system {login {class admin1 {permissions all;logical-system logical-system-LS1;}class admin2 {permissions view; # Gives users assigned to class admin2 the ability to view
# but not to change the configuration.
logical-system logical-system-LS2;}
user user1 {class admin1;}user user2 {class admin2;}}

Fully implementing logical systems requires that you also configure any protocols, routing statements, and policy statements for the logical system.

Published: 2010-04-26

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