Technical Documentation

Configuring Static MAC Addresses for Logical Interfaces in a Bridge Domain

You can manually add static MAC entries for the logical interfaces in a bridge domain. You can specify one or more static MAC addresses for each logical interface.

To add a static MAC address for a logical interface in a bridge domain, include the static-mac mac-address statement at the [edit bridge-domains bridge-domain-name bridge-options interface interface-name] hierarchy level.

[edit]bridge-domains {bridge-domain-name {domain-type bridge;bridge-options {interface interface-name {static-mac mac-address {<vlan-id number>;}}}}}

You can optionally specify a VLAN identifier for the static MAC address by using the vlan-id statement. To specify a VLAN identifier for a static MAC address, you must use the all option when configuring a VLAN identifier for the bridge domain.

Note: If a static MAC address you configure for a logical interface appears on a different logical interface, packets sent to that interface are dropped.

Published: 2010-05-11