Technical Documentation

Applying a Configured PPP Group Profile to a Tunnel

On Mi7 and M10i routers, you can optionally apply a configured PPP group profile to a tunnel. For any tunnel client, you can use the user-group-profile statement to define default PPP attributes for all users coming in through a tunnel. The user group profile must define PPP attributes. If the user group profile is specified, all users (PPP sessions) use the PPP attributes specified in the user group profile.

When a PPP client enters a tunnel, the JUNOS Software first applies the PPP user group profile attributes and then any PPP attributes from the local or RADIUS server. The PPP attributes defined in the RADIUS or local server take precedence over the attributes defined in the user group profile.

To apply configured PPP attributes to a PPP client, include the user-group-profile statement at the [edit access profile profile-name client client-name] hierarchy level:

[edit access profile profile-name client client-name]user-group-profile profile-name;

profile-name is a PPP group profile configured at the [edit access group-profile profile-name] hierarchy level. When a client enters this tunnel, it uses the user-group-profile attributes as the default attributes.

Published: 2010-04-26