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Configuring the JUNOS Software to Work with SRC Software

You can enable JUNOS Software to work with the Session and Resource Control (SRC) software. The SRC software supports dynamic service activation engine (SAE) functionality on routers and switches running under JUNOS Software. To do this, include the following statements at the [edit system services service-deployment] hierarchy level:

[edit system services service-deployment]servers server-address {port port-number;}source-address source-address;

server-address is the IPv4 address of the SRC server.

By default, port-number is set to 3333 and is a TCP port number.

source-address is optional and is the local IP version 4 (IPv4) address to be used as the source address for traffic to the SRC server.

Note: By default, when a connection between SRC and a Juniper Networks router or switch is established, the SRC process (sdxd) starts a JUNOScript session as user root. You have the option of configuring user sdx with a different classification at the [edit system login] hierarchy level.

For more information about SRC software, see the SRC documentation set.

Published: 2010-04-26

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