Technical Documentation

Configuring an ISO System Identifier for the Router

For IS-IS to operate on the router, you must configure a system identifier (system ID). The system identifier is commonly the media access control (MAC) address or the IP address expressed in binary-coded decimal (BCD).

To configure an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) system ID, include the sysid statement at the [edit system static-host-mapping hostname] hierarchy level:

[edit system]static-host-mapping {hostname {sysid system-identifier; }}

hostname is the name specified by the host-name statement at the [edit system] hierarchy level.

system-identifier is the ISO system identifier. It is the 6-byte system ID portion of the IS-IS network service access point (NSAP). We recommend that you use the host’s IP address represented in BCD format. For example, the IP address is 1921.6800.1077 in BCD.

Published: 2010-04-26