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Displaying the Current JUNOS Software Configuration

To display the current configuration for a device running JUNOS Software, use the show configuration mode command. This command displays the configuration at the current hierarchy level or at the specified level.

user@host# show <statement-path>

The configuration statements appear in a fixed order, interfaces appear alphabetically by type, and then in numerical order by slot number, PIC number, and port number. Note that when you configure the router, you can enter statements in any order.

You also can use the CLI operational mode show configuration command to display the last committed current configuration, which is the configuration currently running on the router:

user@host> show configuration

When you show a configuration, a timestamp at the top of the configuration indicates when the configuration was last changed:

## Last commit: 2006-07-18 11:21:58 PDT by echenversion 8.3

If you have omitted a required statement at a particular hierarchy level, when you issue the show command in configuration mode, a message indicates which statement is missing. As long as a mandatory statement is missing, the CLI continues to display this message each time you issue a show command. For example:

[edit]user@host# showprotocols {pim {interface so-0/0/0 {priority 4;version 2;# Warning: missing mandatory statement(s): 'mode'}}}

Published: 2010-04-27

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