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Inserting a New Identifier in a JUNOS Configuration

When configuring a device running JUNOS Software, you can enter most statements and identifiers in any order. Regardless of the order in which you enter the configuration statements, the CLI always displays the configuration in a strict order. However, there are a few cases where the ordering of the statements matters because the configuration statements create a sequence that is analyzed in order.

For example, in a routing policy or firewall filter, you define terms that are analyzed sequentially. Also, when you create a named path in dynamic MPLS, you define an ordered list of the transit routers in the path, starting with the first transit router and ending with the last one.

To modify a portion of the configuration in which the statement order matters, use the insert configuration mode command:

user@host# insert <statement-path> identifier1 (before | after) identifier2

If you do not use the insert command, but instead simply configure the identifier, it is placed at the end of the list of similar identifiers.

Published: 2010-04-27

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