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Configuring the Router Identification

To define a hostname, domain name, password, time zone, and system time of the routing platform:

  1. Make sure that the tasks described in the Before you Begin section of Configuring Basic Settingswere performed.
  2. Navigate to the Set Up Quick Configuration page by selecting Configuration>Quick Configuration >Set Up (see ).
  3. Next to Host Name, type carol to define the name of the routing platform.
  4. Next to Domain Name, type lab.example.net to define the network that the machine belongs to.
  5. Next to Root Password, type a plain-text password to set the root password for logging in to the routing platform.
  6. Next to Verify Root Password, retype the password to verify that you typed the root password correctly.
  7. From the Time Zone list, select America/Los_Angeles to specify the time zone that the routing platform is located in.
  8. Click Set Time via NTP to synchronize the system time with the NTP server. The routing platform sends a request to the NTP server and synchronizes the system time.

Updated: 2009-04-08

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