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Configuring an ISDN Interface to Screen Incoming Calls

By default, an ISDN interface is configured to accept all incoming calls. If multiple devices are connected to the same ISDN line, you can configure an ISDN interface to screen incoming calls based on the incoming called number.

You can specify the incoming called numbers that an ISDN interface accepts. You can use the reject option to specify a number that the ISDN interface can ignore. The reject option is useful when an incoming called number is specified on one device connected to an ISDN line, and you want the incoming called number rejected on a second ISDN device connected to the same ISDN line. For example, if the first ISDN device has the called number 4085321901, you can configure the called number 4085321901 with the reject option on the second ISDN device.

When an incoming ISDN call is received, the Services Router matches the incoming called number against the called numbers configured on its ISDN interfaces. If an exact match is not found, or if the called number is configured with the reject option, the incoming call is ignored. Each ISDN interface accepts only the calls whose called number are configured on it.

To specify that an incoming called number be rejected by the interface, include the incoming-called-number statement with the reject option at the [edit interfaces br-pim/0/port isdn-options] hierarchy level:

[edit interfaces br-pim/0/port isdn-options]incoming-called-number number reject;

You can configure up to 30 incoming called numbers.

Published: 2010-04-20

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