Technical Documentation

Configuring Multicast Statistics Collection on SONET Interfaces

T Series and TX Matrix routers support multicast statistics collection on SONET interfaces in both ingress and egress directions. The multicast statistics functionality can be configured on a physical interface thus enabling multicast accounting for all the logical interfaces below the physical interface.

The multicast statistics information is displayed only when the interface is configured with the multicast-statistics statement, which is not enabled by default.

Multicast statistics collection requires at least one logical interface is configured with family inet and/or inet6; otherwise, the commit for multicast-statistics will fail.

The multicast in/out statistics can be obtained via interfaces statistics query through CLI and via MIB objects through SNMP query.

To configure multicast statistics:

  1. Include the multicast-statistics statement at the [edit interfaces interface-name] hierarchy level.

An example of a multicast statistics configuration for a SONET interface follows:

[edit interfaces]so-fpc/pic/port {multicast-statistics;}

To display multicast statistics, use the show interfaces interface-name statistics detail command.

Published: 2010-04-16