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Configuring New Transaction Policy Sets

You can group new transaction policies into a set. You can then apply the entire set to a service point.

To configure a new transaction policy set:

  1. Create a new transaction policy set, and assign it a name.
    [edit services border-signaling-gateway gateway bsg-1 sip]user@host# edit new-transaction-policy-set peer-to-core
  2. Add new transaction policies to the policy set.
    [edit services border-signaling-gateway gateway bsg-1 sip new-transaction-policy-set peer-to-core]user@host# set policy-name [emergency-call-route peer-2-core]

All policies in a set are evaluated. The order in which you add policies to the set determines the order in which the BSG processes the policies. In each policy, the action in the first term that matches is the action that is applied.

Published: 2010-04-22

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