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Configuring the Services PIC or DPC for the BGF

You need to configure an AS or MultiServices PIC or MS-DPC for the BGF.

To configure the PIC or MS-DPC:

  1. Enter edit mode for the interface.
    [edit]user@host# edit interfaces sp-0/2/0
  2. Configure a description for the interface.
    [edit interfaces sp-0/2/0]user@host# set description BGF-Service-PIC
  3. Configure logical unit 0, and specify the protocol family and the address of a virtual BGF.
    [edit interfaces sp-0/2/0]user@host# set unit 0 family inet address
  4. Configure logical units to be used as inside or outside interfaces and specify the protocol family.
    [edit interfaces sp-0/2/0]user@host# set unit 10 family inetuser@host# set unit 20 family inet
  5. Configure system logging on the service interface.
    [edit interfaces sp-0/2/0]user@host# set services-options syslog host local services any
  6. Enter edit mode for service interface pools.
    [edit interfaces sp-0/2/0]user@host# up 2user@host# user@host# edit services service-interface-pools pool int-pool-1
  7. Assign interfaces (including unit number) to the service interface pool. These interfaces can be used as either inside or outside service interfaces, as needed.

    Note: Do not assign unit 0 to service interface pools.

    [edit services service-interface-pools pool int-pool-1]user@host# set interface sp-0/2/0.10user@host# set interface sp-0/2/0.20

Published: 2010-04-22

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