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Using Filter-Based Forwarding to Export Monitored Traffic to Multiple Destinations

The firewall filter called tunnel-interface-filter that you made earlier sends UDP traffic into one filter-based forwarding routing instance called udp-routing-table, sends TCP traffic into a second filter-based forwarding routing instance called tcp-routing-table, and discards all other packets. Here you will configure the filter-based forwarding instances.

Configure an export interface for each of your routing instances by including a static next hop. To configure, include the route statement at the [edit routing-instances instance-name routing-options static] hierarchy level and specify a next-hop address or interface.

[edit]routing-instances {tcp-routing-table {instance-type forwarding;routing-options {static {route next-hop es-3/1/0.0;}}}udp-routing-table {instance-type forwarding;routing-options {static {route next-hop;}}}}

Published: 2010-04-15