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Configuring the Capture Group

A dynamic flow capture capture group defines a profile of dynamic flow capture configuration information. The static configuration includes information about control sources, content destinations, and notification destinations. Dynamic configuration is added through interaction with control sources using a control protocol.

To configure a capture group, include the capture-group statement at the [edit services dynamic-flow-capture] hierarchy level:

[edit services dynamic-flow-capture]capture-group client-name {content-destination identifier {address address;ttl hops;}control-source identifier {allowed-destinations [ destination ];no-syslog;notification-targets [ address address port port-number ];service-port port-number;shared-key value;source-addresses [ address ];}input-packet-rate-threshold rate;interfaces interface-name;pic-memory-threshold percentage percentage;}

To specify the capture-group, assign it a unique client-name that associates the information with the requesting control sources.

Published: 2010-04-15

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