Technical Documentation

Loading a Previous Configuration File (CLI Procedure)

You can return to a previously committed configuration file if you need to revert to a previous configuration. The EX Series switch saves the last 50 committed configurations, including the rollback number, date, time, and name of the user who issued the commit configuration command.


rollback <number>


  • none— Return to the most recently saved configuration.
  • number—Configuration to return to.
    • Range: 0 through 49. The most recently saved configuration is number 0, and the oldest saved configuration is number 49.
    • Default: 0

To return to a configuration prior to the most recently committed one:

  1. Specify the rollback number (here, 1 is entered and the configuration returns to the previously committed configuation):
    [edit]user@switch# rollback 1 load complete

  2. Activate the configuration you have loaded:
    [edit]user@switch# commit

Published: 2010-02-16