Technical Documentation

Filtering Duplicate SNMP Requests

By default, filtering duplicate get, getNext, and getBulk SNMP requests is disabled on devices running JUNOS Software. If a network management station retransmits a Get, GetNext, or GetBulk SNMP request too frequently to the router, that request might interfere with the processing of previous requests and slow down the response time of the agent. Filtering these duplicate requests improves the response time of the SNMP agent. JUNOS Software uses the following information to determine if an SNMP request is a duplicate:

  • Source IP address of the SNMP request
  • Source UDP port of the SNMP request
  • Request ID of the SNMP request

To filter duplicate SNMP requests, include the filter-duplicates statement at the [edit snmp] hierarchy level:

[edit snmp]filter-duplicates;

Published: 2010-04-27