Technical Documentation

Configuring Passwords for Usernames

You can configure an optional password that the extended DHCP application presents to the external AAA authentication service to authenticate the specified username.

To configure a password that authenticates the username:

  1. Specify that you want to configure authentication options.
    • For DHCP local server:
      [edit system services dhcp-local-server]user@host# edit authentication
    • For DHCPv6 local server:
      [edit system services dhcp-local-server dhcpv6]user@host# edit authentication
    • For DHCP relay agent:
      [edit forwarding-options dhcp-relay]user@host# edit authentication
  2. Configure the password. (DHCP local server, DHCPv6 local server, and DHCP relay agent all support the password statement.)
    [edit system services dhcp-local-server authentication]user@host# set password myPassworD1234

Published: 2010-04-15