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Configuring Hierarchical CoS for a Subscriber Interface of Aggregated Ethernet Links

You can configure hierarchical CoS on a subscriber interface with an underlying aggregated Ethernet interface.

You must enable link protection on the aggregated Ethernet interface for hierarchical CoS to operate on these subscriber interfaces.

Before you begin, configure the subscriber interface with aggregated Ethernet:

  1. Configure hierarchical CoS on the link aggregation (LAG) bundle.
    1. Specify that you want to access the LAG bundle.
      user@host# edit interfaces aex
    2. Configure the link aggregation (LAG) bundle with hierarchical scheduler mode.
      [edit interfaces aex]user@host# set hierarchical-scheduler
  2. Configure the aggregated Ethernet options to support the hierarchical CoS parameters.

    For the subscriber interface to support static or dynamic hierarchical CoS, all links must operate in link-protect mode.

    1. Specify that you want to configure the aggregated Ethernet options.
      user@host# edit interfaces aex aggregated-ether-options]
    2. Configure the link protection mode.
      [edit interfaces aex aggregated-ether-options]user@host# set link-protection

You can now attach static or dynamic traffic shaping and scheduling parameters at the aggregated Ethernet logical interface or its underlying physical interface. See:

Published: 2010-04-15

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