Technical Documentation

Configuring Schedulers

You configure schedulers to assign resources, priorities, and drop profiles to output queues. To configure a scheduler, include the schedulers statement at the [edit class-of-service] hierarchy level.

[edit class-of-service]schedulers {be-DATA-scheduler {transmit-rate percent 40;buffer-size percent 40;priority low;}ef-FIN-scheduler {transmit-rate percent 10;buffer-size percent 10;priority high;}af-AV-scheduler {transmit-rate percent 45;buffer-size percent 45;priority high;drop-profile-map loss-priority low protocol any drop-profile af-AV-normal;drop-profile-map loss-priority high protocol any drop-profile af-AV-with-PLP;}nc-CONTROL-scheduler {transmit-rate percent 5;buffer-size percent 5;priority low;}}

Published: 2010-04-15