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Configuring Rewrite Rules

You configure rewrite rules to replace DSCPs on packets received from the customer with the values expected by other routers. Rewrite rules use the forwarding class information and packet loss priority (PLP) used internally by the router to establish the DSCP on outbound packets. To configure rewrite rules, include the rewrite-rules statement at the [edit class-of-service] hierarchy level.

[edit class-of-service]rewrite-rules rewrite-IPv6-dscps {forwarding-class be-DATA-class {loss-priority low code points 000000;loss-priority high code points 000001;}forwarding-class ef-FIN-class {loss-priority low code points 101110;loss-priority high code points 101111;}forwarding-class af-AV-class {loss-priority low code points 001010;loss-priority high code points 001100;}forwarding-class nc-CONTROL-class {loss-priority low code points 110000;loss-priority high code points 110001;}}

Published: 2010-04-15

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