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Configuring a Firewall Filter for an MF Classifier on Customer Interfaces

You configure an MF classifier for IPv6 to detect packets of interest to CoS and assign the packet to the proper forwarding class independently of DSCP. To configure an MF classifier on a customer-facing link, configure a policer for the expedited forwarding traffic and a firewall filter to classify traffic.

[edit firewall]policer ef-FIN-Policer-Profile {if-exceeding {bandwidth-percent 10;burst-size-limit 2k;}then loss-priority high;}family inet6 {filter mf-classifier {filter-specific;term AV {from {destination-address {0:0:FFFF:;}}then {loss-priority low;forwarding-class af-AV-class;}}term Finance {from {destination-address {O:0:FFFF:;}}then {policer ef-FIN-Policer-Profile;forwarding-class ef-FIN-class;}}term Network-Control {from {traffic-class 192; # 192 is the 110000 traffic class.}then {forwarding-class nc-CONTROL-class; # This is network control traffic.}}term Data {then forwarding-class be-DATA-class; # The rest is data.}}}

Published: 2010-04-15