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Defining CoS Code-Point Aliases (J-Web Procedure)

To define CoS Value Aliases, select Configure > Class of Service > CoS Value Aliases in the J-Web interface.

Table 1 describes the related fields. By defining aliases you can assign meaningful names to a particular set of bit values and refer to them when configuring CoS components.

Table 1: CoS Value Aliases Configuration Pages Summary



Your Action

CoS Value Alias Summary


Allows you to define aliases for DiffServ code point (DSCP) IPv4 values.

You can refer to these aliases when you configure classes and define classifiers.

Click DSCP.

IPv4 Precedence

Allows you to define aliases for IPv4 precedence values.

Precedence values are modified in the IPv4 type-of-service (TOS) field and mapped to values that correspond to levels of service.

Click IPv4 Precedence.

Alias Name

Displays names given to CoS values—for example, af11 or be.


Default Value

Displays the default values mapped to standard aliases. For example, ef (expedited forwarding) is a standard alias for DSCP bits 101110.

You cannot delete default values. The check box next to these values is unavailable.


Configured Value

Displays the CoS values that you have assigned to specific aliases.

You can delete a configured alias.



Opens a page that allows you to define CoS value aliases.

Click Add.


Allows you to delete a configured CoS value alias.

You cannot delete a default alias.

Select the check box next to the CoS value alias and click Delete.

Add a CoS Value Alias

CoS Value Alias

Assigns a name to a CoS value. A CoS value can be of different types—DSCP or IP precedence.

To define an alias for a CoS value, type a name—for example, my1.

CoS Value Alias Bits

Specifies the CoS value for which an alias is defined.

Changing this value alters the behavior of all classifiers that refer to this alias.

To specify a CoS value, type it in an appropriate format:

  • For DSCP CoS values, use the format xxxxxx, where x is 1 or 0—for example, 101110.
  • For IP precedence CoS values, use the format xxx, where x is 1 or 0—for example, 111.

Published: 2009-07-22