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Configuring Automatic Mirroring of the CompactFlash Card on the Hard Disk Drive

You can direct the hard disk to automatically mirror the contents of the CompactFlash card. When you include the mirror-flash-on-disk statement, the hard disk maintains a synchronized mirror copy of the CompactFlash card contents. Data written to the CompactFlash card is simultaneously updated in the mirrored copy of the hard disk. If the CompactFlash card fails to read data, the hard disk automatically retrieves its mirrored copy of the CompactFlash card. This feature is not available on the J Series routers.

Caution: We recommend that you disable flash-to-disk mirroring when you upgrade or downgrade the router.

You cannot issue the request system snapshot command while flash-to-disk mirroring is enabled.

To configure the mirroring of the CompactFlash card to the hard disk, include the mirror-flash-on-disk statement at the [edit system] hierarchy level:

[edit system]mirror-flash-on-disk;

Note: After you have enabled or disabled the mirror-flash-on-disk statement, you must reboot the router for your changes to take effect. To reboot, issue the request system reboot command.

Published: 2010-04-26

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