Technical Documentation

Configuring the JUNOS Software to Support Redundancy on Routers Having Multiple Routing Engines or Switching Boards

For routers that have multiple Routing Engines or these multiple switching control boards: Switching and Forwarding Modules (SFMs), System and Switch Boards (SSBs), Forwarding Engine Boards (FEBs), or Compact Forwarding Engine Boards (CFEBs), you can configure redundancy properties.

To configure redundancy, include the following redundancy statements at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level:

redundancy {cfeb slot (always | preferred);failover {on-disk-failureon-loss-of-keepalives;}feb { redundancy-group group-name {feb slot-number (backup | primary);description description;no-auto-failover;}}graceful-switchover; keepalive-time seconds; routing-engine slot-number (master | backup | disabled);sfm slot-number (always | preferred);ssb slot-number (always | preferred);}

Published: 2010-04-26