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Tracing BGF Operations for a Specific Control Services PIC

If you are running the pgcpd process on services PICs, you can trace log messages separately for each services PIC on which the pgcpd process is running. To do so, you need to send messages to the var/log/messages file. The operations that you specify at the [edit services pgcp traceoptions flag] hierarchy level are included in the messages log file.

To configure logging of messages for a services PIC:

  1. Access the system syslog configuration.
    [edit]user@host# edit system syslog[edit system syslog]
  2. Specify that traces are logged to the messages file. Include the severity level that you want to log. In this example, the severity level is any.
    [edit system syslog]user@host# set file messages daemon any
  3. Enable PIC system logging to record system log messages on a specific PIC. The following example sets up logging on the FPC in slot 1 and the PIC in slot 0.
    user@host# set chassis fpc 1 pic 0 adaptive-services service-package extension-provider syslog daemon any

Published: 2010-04-13

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