Technical Documentation

Logging Messages for the pgcpd Process Running on the Routing Engine

The pgcpd process produces syslog messages for many of its functions. You can configure selection criteria for saving pgcpd messages in a log trace file.

All log trace files are placed in the /var/log directory. When a trace file reaches its maximum size, a .0 is appended to the filename, then a new file is created with a .1 appended, and so on. When the maximum number of trace files is reached, the oldest trace file is overwritten.

To configure logging of pgcpd syslog messages:

  1. Access the system syslog configuration.
    [edit]user@host# edit system syslog[edit system syslog]
  2. Configure the file parameters. In the example, the file is named myfile and all messages with a severity equal to or greater than error.
    [edit system syslog]user@host# set file myfile error
  3. Configure the match parameter to select pgcpd syslog messages.
    [edit system syslog]user@host# set match pgcpd
  4. (Optional) To direct output to one or more user consoles, configure the user parameter.
    user@host# set user testuser

Published: 2010-04-13