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Configuring ANCP to Adjust CoS Traffic Shaping

You can specify that CoS policy for subscriber VLANs are adjusted based on information received from the access network in ANCP messages. Adding or removing this statement updates CoS shaping rate adjustments accordingly for all the subscribers in the network.

If CoS does not receive a keepalive message within the maximum helper restart time, it considers ANCP to be down and immediately reverts any traffic shaping updates that were implemented as a result of ANCP monitoring to the configured values. The configured values are maintained until ANCP comes back up and sends fresh traffic shaping updates to CoS.

Adjusted traffic shaping values remain in effect for subscribers in the event that ANCP remains running, but loses the connection to a neighbor. In this case, CoS does not revert to the configured values. The ANCP-adjusted values can change only if you remove the qos-adjust statement or if ANCP restores the connection to that neighbor and sends fresh shaping updates.

To configure CoS adjustment for subscriber traffic based on ANCP messages:

  • Specify CoS adjustment.
    [edit protocols ancp]user@host# set qos-adjust

Published: 2010-04-15

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