Technical Documentation

Configuring ANCP

You can configure ANCP to enable a service-oriented Layer 3 edge device to discover information about the topology of a connected access network. ANCP can also provide details about subscriber traffic and enable the adjustment of QoS traffic shaping for subscribers.

To configure ANCP:

  1. Specify each ANCP neighboring access node to be monitored and optionally configure neighbor parameters.

    See Configuring ANCP Neighbors.

  2. Specify the subscribers reached by a VLAN or a set of VLANs through a particular access node.

    See Associating an Access Node with Subscribers for ANCP Operations.

  3. Configure the adjacency timer.

    See Specifying the Interval Between ANCP Adjacency Messages.

  4. (Optional) Specify the maximum number of discovery table entries that are accepted.

    See Specifying the Maximum Number of Discovery Table Entries

  5. Configure ANCP to work with an early IETF draft.

    See Configuring ANCP for Backward Compatibility.

  6. Configure the graceful restart timer.

    See Specifying How Long Processes Wait for ANCP Restart to Complete.

  7. Configure ANCP to adjust QoS subscriber traffic shaping.

    See Configuring ANCP to Adjust CoS Traffic Shaping.

  8. Configure trace options for troubleshooting the configuration.

    See Tracing ANCP Operations.

Published: 2010-04-15