Technical Documentation

Configuring Finger Service for Remote Access to the Router

To configure the router to accept finger as an access service, include the finger statement at the [edit system services] hierarchy level:

[edit system services]finger {<connection-limit limit>;<rate-limit limit>;}

By default, the router supports a limited number of simultaneous finger sessions and connection attempts per minute. Optionally, you can include either or both of the following statements to change the defaults:

  • connection-limit limit—Maximum number of simultaneous connections (a value from 1 through 250). The default is 75.
  • rate-limit limit—Maximum number of connection attempts accepted per minute (a value from 1 through 250). The default is 150.

You cannot include the finger statement on routers that run the JUNOS-FIPS software. We recommend that you do not use the finger service in a Common Criteria environment.

Published: 2010-04-26