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Specifying the Authentication and Accounting Methods for Subscriber Access

You can specify the authentication and accounting methods that subscriber access management uses.

You can configure multiple authentication and accounting methods—the authentication-order and accounting order statements specify the order in which the subscriber access management feature uses the methods. For example, an authentication entry of radius password specifies that RADIUS authentication is performed first and, if it fails, local authentication (password) is done.

You can specify the following authentication methods:

Note: For this release, you must always specify the radius authentication method. Subscriber access management does not support the password keyword (the default), and authentication fails when no method is specified.

  • password—Local authentication
  • radius—RADIUS-based authentication

You can specify the following accounting methods:

  • radius—RADIUS-based accounting

To configure the authentication and accounting methods for subscriber access management:

  1. Specify the authentication methods and the order in which they are used. For this release, only radius is supported.
    [edit access profile isp-bos-metro-fiber-basic]user@host# set authentication-order radius
  2. Specify the accounting method.
    [edit access profile isp-bos-metro-fiber-basic]user@host# set accounting order radius

Published: 2010-04-26