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Configuring Aggregated Ethernet Link Speed

On aggregated Ethernet interfaces, you can set the required link speed for all interfaces included in the bundle. All interfaces that make up a bundle must be the same speed. If you include in the aggregated Ethernet interface an individual link that has a speed different from the speed you specify in the link-speed parameter, an error message will be logged.

To set the required link speed:

  1. Specify that you want to configure the aggregated Ethernet options.
    user@host# edit interfaces interface-name aggregated-ether-options
  2. Configure the link speed.
    [edit interfaces interface-name aggregated-ether-options ]user@host# set link-speed speed

    speed can be in bits per second either as a complete decimal number or as a decimal number followed by the abbreviation k (1000), m (1,000,000), or g (1,000,000,000).

    Aggregated Ethernet interfaces on the M120 router can have one of the following speed values:

    • 100m—Links are 100 Mbps.
    • 10g—Links are 10 Gbps.
    • 1g—Links are 1 Gbps.
    • OC192—Links are OC192 or STM64c.

Published: 2010-04-20

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