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Configuring Hierarchical Scheduler on Aggregated Ethernet Interfaces Without Link Protection

On aggregated Ethernet interfaces configured on the IQ2 PIC, you can configure the hierarchical scheduler in non–link-protect mode. The M120, MX Series, and T Series routers with aggregated Ethernet IQ2 PICs in non–link-protect mode support the following scheduler functions:

  • Per unit scheduler
  • Hierarchical scheduler
  • Shaping at the physical interface

To configure the hierarchical scheduler on aggregated Ethernet interfaces in the non link-protect mode, include the hierarchical-scheduler statement at the [edit interfaces aeX] hierarchy level:

[edit interfaces aeX hierarchical-scheduler]

Prior to JUNOS Release 9.6, the hierarchical scheduler mode on these models required the aggregated-ether-options statement link-protection option, otherwise a configuration error occurs.

To specify the member link bandwidth derivation based on the equal division model (scale) or the replication model (replicate) on aggregated Ethernet interfaces, include the member-link-scheduler (scale | replicate) option at the [edit class-of-service interfaces aeX] hierarchy level. The default setting is scale.

[edit class-of-service interfaces aeX member-link-scheduler (scale | replicate)]

Note: In link-protect mode, only one link is active at a time and the other link acts as the backup link, whereas in a non link-protect mode, all the links of the aggregate bundle are active at the same time. There is no backup link. If a link goes down or a new link is added to the bundle, traffic redistribution occurs.

Published: 2010-04-20

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