Technical Documentation

[edit services cos] Hierarchy Level

The following CoS statements can be configured at the [edit services cos] hierarchy level. This is not a comprehensive list of statements available at the [edit services cos] hierarchy level. Only the statements documented in this manual are listed here. For more information about services configuration, see the JUNOS Services Interfaces Configuration Guide.

[edit services cos]application-profile profile-name {ftp {data {dscp (alias | bits);forwarding-class class-name;}}sip {video {dscp (alias | bits);forwarding-class class-name;}voice {dscp (alias | bits);forwarding-class class-name;}}}rule rule-name {match-direction (input | output | input-output);term term-name {from {applications [ application-names ];application-sets [ set-names ];destination-address address;source-address address;}then {application-profile profile-name;dscp (alias | bits);forwarding-class class-name;syslog;(reflexive | reverse) {application-profile profile-name;dscp (alias | bits);forwarding-class class-name;syslog;}}}}rule-set rule-set-name {[ rule rule-names ];}

Published: 2010-04-14