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[edit chassis] Hierarchy Level

This topic shows the complete configuration for class of service (CoS) statements for the [edit chassis] hierarchy level, listing all possible configuration statements and showing their level in the configuration hierarchy. When you are configuring the JUNOS Software, your current hierarchy level is shown in the banner on the line preceding the user@host# prompt.

For a complete list of the JUNOS configuration statements, see the JUNOS Hierarchy and RFC Reference.

This is not a comprehensive list of statements available at the [edit chassis] hierarchy level. Only the statements that are also documented in this manual are listed here. For more information about chassis configuration, see the JUNOS System Basics Configuration Guide.

[edit chassis]fpc slot-number {pic pic-number {max-queues-per-interface (4 | 8);q-pic-large-buffer {[ large-scale | small-scale ];}red-buffer-occupancy {weighted-averaged [ instant-usage-weight-exponent weight-value ];}traffic-manager {egress-shaping-overhead number;ingress-shaping-overhead number;mode session-shaping;}}}

Published: 2010-04-14