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Update LSP Encoding Type Event

LSP Event

Update Encoding Type

Sample Output

user@host> show mpls lsp extensive
Ingress LSP: 1 sessions
  From:, State: Up, ActiveRoute: 0, LSPname: gmpls-lsp1
  ActivePath: path-lsp1 (primary)
  LoadBalance: Random
  Signal type: STM-1
  Encoding type: SDH/SONET, Switching type: Fiber, GPID: PPP
 *Primary   path-lsp1             State: Up
    Bandwidth: 155.52Mbps
    Computed ERO (S [L] denotes strict [loose] hops): (CSPF metric: 2)
 S S S 
    Received RRO:

    7 Nov  7 15:47:11  Selected as active path
    6 Nov  7 15:47:11  Record Route:
    5 Nov  7 15:47:11  Up
    4 Nov  7 15:47:11   Update LSP Encoding Type
    3 Nov  7 15:47:11  Originate Call
    2 Nov  7 15:47:11  CSPF: computation result accepted
    1 Nov  7 15:46:41  CSPF failed: no route toward
  Created: Thu Nov  7 15:46:38 2002
Total 1 displayed, Up 1, Down 0


This LSP event indicates that the encoding type was updated based on the traffic engineering link selected as the first hop.


This LSP event occurs when the encoding type is not configured on a non-packet LSP. In this case, the encoding type is derived from the traffic engineering link that was selected as the first hop.


Not available.

Published: 2010-01-30