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Messages Logged When Local Severity Level Is Higher

When the severity level is higher for local messages than for forwarded messages, the log on the TX Matrix platform includes fewer forwarded messages than when the severities are the same, and all local logs contain fewer messages overall.

For example, you can specify severity critical for the /var/log/messages file and severity notice for forwarded messages:

[edit system syslog]
file messages {
	any critical;
host scc-master {
	any notice;

Table 1 specifies which messages are included in the logs on the T640 routing nodes and the TX Matrix platform. Although the T640 routing nodes forward messages with severity notice and higher, the TX Matrix platform discards any of those messages with severity lower than critical (does not log forwarded messages with severity error, warning, or notice). None of the logs include messages with severity error or lower.

Table 1: Example: Local Severity Is critical, Forwarded Severity Is notice

Log LocationSource of MessagesLowest Severity Included

T640 routing node



TX Matrix platform



Forwarded from T640 routing nodes


We do not recommend this type of configuration, because it wastes bandwidth for the routing nodes to forward messages that are not recorded in the log on the TX Matrix platform.

Published: 2010-04-28