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Simple Network Management Protocol Operational Mode Commands

Table 1 summarizes the command-line interface (CLI) commands that allow you to monitor the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP). Commands are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1: SNMP Operational Commands



Clear SNMP statistics.

clear snmp statistics

Spoof (mimic) the behavior of an SNMP trap.

request snmp spoof-trap

Display information about health monitor alarms.

show snmp health-monitor

Display statistics about SNMP informs.

show snmp inform-statistics

Display local Management Information Base (MIB) object values through the command-line interface (CLI).

show snmp mib

Display information about Remote Monitoring (RMON) alarms and events.

show snmp rmon

Display statistics about SNMP packets sent and received.

show snmp statistics

Display SNMP version 3 statistics.

show snmp v3

Note: For information about how to configure SNMP, see the JUNOS Network Management Configuration Guide.

Published: 2010-04-28