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RIP Operational Mode Commands

Table 1 summarizes the command-line interface (CLI) commands you can use to monitor and troubleshoot the Routing Information Protocol (RIP). Commands are listed in alphabetical order.

Table 1: RIP Operational Mode Commands



Clear RIP general statistics.

clear rip general-statistics

Clear RIP statistics.

clear rip statistics

Display brief RIP statistics.

show rip general-statistics

Display information about RIP neighbors.

show rip neighbor

Display RIP statistics about messages sent and received on an interface, as well as information received through advertisements from other routers.

show rip statistics

Note: For more RIP-related commands, such as show route protocol, show route instance, and show route table, see Protocol-Independent Routing Operational Mode Commands.

For information about how to configure RIP, see the JUNOS Routing Protocols Configuration Guide.

Published: 2010-04-28

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