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ResvTear Received Event

LSP Event

ResvTear received

Sample Output

user@R1> show mpls lsp extensive
[...Output truncated...]
    23 Dec 28 13:46:39 CSPF failed: no route toward
   22 Dec 28 13:46:39 Clear Call
   21 Dec 28 13:46:39  ResvTear received
   20 Dec 28 13:46:39 Down
   19 Dec 28 13:46:39 Session preempted
   18 Dec 28 13:42:07 Selected as active path
[...Output truncated...]


This LSP event indicates that an RSVP ResvTear message was received. ResvTear messages remove RSVP reservation states along a path. These messages travel upstream toward senders of the session. This message usually appears in the middle of a run of messages that tear the LSP down.


In some cases, an ResvTear event is received because a router’s reservation state times out. In other cases, when the downstream link fails, the upstream node must eliminate all RSVP states and initiates a ResvTear event. If you are running Fast ReRoute, the upstream node initiates a PathErr message, not a ResvTear message. It is beyond the scope of this document to include all possible reasons for an ResvTear event.


Analyze the status to determine if this is the required behavior. If this is not the required behavior, verify the surrounding LSP events to identify the cause of the problem.

Published: 2010-01-30