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CSPF: Could Not Determine Self Event

LSP Event

CSPF: could not determine self

Sample Output 1

user@host# run show ted database extensive
TED database: 10 ISIS nodes 
9 INET nodes NodeID: HongKong.00( 
: --- , Age: 148 secs, LinkIn: 1, LinkOut: 0

Sample Output 2

user@R1# run show ted database detail 
TED database: 6 ISIS nodes 6 INET nodes
NodeID: R1.00(
  Type: ---, Age: 654 secs, LinkIn: 3, LinkOut: 0
NodeID: R2.00(
   Type: Rtr
 , Age: 642 secs, LinkIn: 3, LinkOut: 4
  Protocol: IS-IS(2)

Sample Output 3

user@host> show mpls lsp extensive
[...Output truncated...] 
   From: , State: Dn, ActiveRoute: 0, LSPname: HK->AM
  ActivePath: (none)
  FastReroute desired 
  LoadBalance: Random 
  Encoding type: Packet, Switching type: Packet, GPID: IPv4
  Primary use-TOKYO State: Dn, No-decrement-ttl
  Will be enqueued for recomputation in 22 second(s).
  1 Sep 19 00:16:22  CSPF: could not determine self 
[...Output truncated...]


This LSP event indicates that the traffic engineering database cannot determine the address of the local router. Sample Outputs 1 and 2 show the entry in the traffic engineering database where the node entry Type: --- does not indicate a type of router (Rtr) or pseudonode (Net) address. Since the node does not know what type it is, it cannot know its own address.


This LSP event can be caused by several factors. Traffic engineering might not be configured for OSPF, the loopback (lo0) interface might not have the family ISO or an ISO address configured, or the loopback interface might not be included at the [edit interfaces] hierarchy level.

Note that in Sample Output 3, the source address of the LSP is since the node does not know its own address. When the From address is, it can indicate that interfaces are not included at the [edit protocols mpls] or the [edit protocols isis] hierarchy level.


Take the corrective action appropriate to the situation: enable traffic engineering, configure the family iso statement or address statement, or include interfaces at the [edit interfaces], [edit protocols mpls], or [edit protocols isis] hierarchy level.

Published: 2010-01-30

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