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CSPF: Can't Find Non-Overlapping Path Event

LSP Event

CSPF: Can't find non-overlapping path to ip-address

Sample Output

user@host> show mpls lsp extensive
[...Output truncated...]
Standby    test1           State: Dn 
     Bandwidth: 80Mbps
     Will be enqueued for recomputation in 22 second(s).
     1 Apr 9 21:10:47  CSPF: Can't find non-overlapping path to
 [2 times]
  Created: Wed Apr 9 20:40:16 2003 
Total 1 displayed, Up 1, Down 0
[...Output truncated...]


This LSP event indicates that CSPF needed to compute an alternate path that did not intersect any other path.


This error appears when running the adaptive feature to run shared explicit (SE)-style reservations, where no nonoverlapping paths are possible.


Not applicable.

Published: 2010-01-30