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Configuration Mode Commands in the JUNOS Software

The complete list of JUNOS command-line interface (CLI) configuration mode commands follows. You can display the list of commands available at a particular hierarchy level by typing the question mark, as shown in the following example. Some commands are displayed only at certain hierarchy levels or in certain modes (such as private configuration mode).


user@host# ?
Possible completions:
<[Enter]>    Execute this command
activate     Remove the inactive tag from a statement
annotate     Annotate the statement with a comment
commit       Commit current set of changes
copy         Copy a statement
deactivate   Add the inactive tag to a statement
delete       Delete a data element
edit         Edit a sub-element
exit         Exit from this level
extension    Extension operations
help         Provide help information
insert       Insert a new ordered data element
load         Load configuration from ASCII file
quit         Quit from this level
rename       Rename a statement
replace      Replace character string in configuration
rollback     Roll back to previous committed configuration
run          Run an operational-mode command
save         Save configuration to ASCII file
set          Set a parameter
show         Show a parameter
status       Show users currently editing configuration
top          Exit to top level of configuration
up           Exit one level of configuration
update       Update private database
wildcard     Wildcard operations

For information about operational mode commands, see the JUNOS CLI User Guide and the JUNOS command references.

Published: 2010-04-28

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