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FIPS 140-2 Security Compliance

For advanced network security, a special version of JUNOS, called JUNOS-FIPS 140-2, is available. JUNOS-FIPS 140-2 provides customers with software tools to configure a network of Juniper Networks routers in a FIPS environment. FIPS support includes:

  • Upgrade package to convert JUNOS to JUNOS-FIPS 140-2
  • Revised installation and configuration procedures
  • Enforced security for remote access
  • FIPS user roles (Crypto Officer, User, and Maintenance)
  • FIPS-specific system logging and error messages
  • IPsec configuration for Routing Engine–to–Routing Engine communication
  • Enhanced password creation and encryption

JUNOS-FIPS has special installation and configuration requirements. Installation procedures include downloading the FIPS software package from www.juniper.net. For detailed guidelines on how installation and configuration procedures differ between JUNOS and JUNOS-FIPS 140-2, see the Secure Configuration Guide for Common Criteria and JUNOS-FIPS.

Note: JUNOS-FIPS has special password requirements. FIPS passwords must be between 10 and 20 characters in length. Passwords must use at least three of the five defined character sets (uppercase letters, lowercase letters, digits, punctuation marks, and other special characters). If JUNOS-FIPS is installed on the router, you cannot configure passwords unless they meet this standard.

Published: 2010-04-28

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