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The jnxIpv4AddrTable defines the jnxIpv4AddrEntry and its attributes. Each jnxIpv4AddrEntry contains the objects listed in Table 1.

Table 1: jnxIpv4AddrTable


Object ID



jnxIpv4AddrEntry 1

A unique index value that identifies the interface with which a particular entry is associated. An interface identified by a particular value of jnxIpv4AdEntIfIndex is the same as the interface that is identified by the same value of ifIndex as defined in RFC 1573.


jnxIpv4AddrEntry 2

The IP address of the interface with which the address information stored in this entry is associated.


jnxIpv4AddrEntry 3

The subnet mask associated with the IP address of this entry. The value of the mask is an IP address with all the network bits set to 1 and all the host bits set to 0.


jnxIpv4AddrEntry 4

The least significant bit in the IP broadcast address used for sending datagrams on the logical interface associated with the IP address of this entry. For example, when the Internet standard all-ones broadcast address is used, the value is 1. This value applies to both the subnet and network broadcast addresses used by the entry on the logical interface.


jnxIpv4AddrEntry 5

The size of the largest IP datagram that this entry can reassemble from the incoming fragmented IP datagrams received on the interface.

Published: 2010-04-27

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